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In general, rabbits tolerate cold weather well given that their coats have grown to adapt to the temperatures and that they have access to proper shelter. They are best kept at temperatures of 55°F (12.7°C) to 72°F (22.2°C) and 30% to 70% relative humidity.[1] However, rabbits can even be housed outdoors if necessary in temperatures under 40°F if protected from the cold.

How do I keep my rabbit warm?

Protection from cold, drafts, and moisture in the winter can be accomplished by giving a covered nesting box containing straw, shavings, or other insulative material.

If your rabbit is outdoors, before the winter, make sure their shelter is tightly sealed with no leaky drafts and water tight. You can use roof sealant from a local home improvement store to patch any leaks you find.[2] The sides of their hutch should also be waterproofed. Its coating will wear and may need to be reapplied every couple of years as necessary to keep the damp from entering the hutch and stop the wood from rotting.

Remember to bunny-proof the cords if you leave them within reach of your rabbits!

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