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Malocclusion in rabbits occurs when their teeth are misaligned and lead to overgrown teeth.

Incisor malocclusion

Rabbits have six incisor teeth - two on top, two on bottom, and two peg teeth located behind the top teeth. Normal incisor wear, growth, and eruption in healthy rabbits is balanced to a rate of about 3mm a week.[1]

Never attempt to trim your rabbit's incisors at home. This can seriously harm your rabbit and cause pain and irreversible damage.

Frequently observed dental problems from self-trimming with a cutter or nail clipper include the following:[2]

  • Sharp edges, that can hurt the rabbit when eating or grooming.
  • Stress fracture or longitudinal cracks in the tooth, either in the visible part or under the gum line.
  • Tooth growth stopping due to damage of the tooth root (endodontic diseases).
  • Exposure of the dental pulp resulting in pulpitis (inflammation of the most internal part of a tooth, the dental pulp).
  • Abscessation and changes of the surrounding tissues and the alveolar bone.
  • Fracture of the jaw bone.
  • Pain due to the sudden concussion of the dental pulp and nerves in the periodontal and periapical tissues surrounding the tooth root, due to the enormous amount of energy released into the tooth during the clipping.

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