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Homeopathy is form of alternative medicine that claims to treat disease by minute doses of natural substances diluted in water. Given that the methods by which is claims to work leave it as nothing more than simply water, homeopathy is no better than a placebo in humans[1] and should not be used on rabbits in place of proven medicines due to its lack of efficacy.

Official stances

The British Veterinary Association holds the following position:

We cannot endorse the use of homeopathic medicines, or indeed any medicine making therapeutic claims, which have no proven efficacy. As with any medicine, we believe that veterinary medicinal products must be evidence-based, with any medicinal claims made by a manufacturer supported.[2]

The Australian Veterinary Association writes:

... the Board agreed that the veterinary therapies of homeopathy and homotoxicology are considered ineffective therapies in accordance with the AVA promotion of ineffective therapies Board resolution.[3]

While the American Veterinary Medical Association does not hold a policy against homeopathy, the Council of Research found the following:[4]

... studies claiming a benefit from homeopathic remedies in veterinary medicine were either anecdotal in nature—that is, case reports—or were generally flawed in the experimental design or analysis. Furthermore, the council found that well-controlled clinical studies generally failed to substantiate any beneficial effect of homeopathic remedies. The COR concluded that there is no clinical evidence to support the use of homeopathic remedies for treatment or prevention of diseases in domestic animals.

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