Angora and other long-haired rabbits

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Long-haired rabbit breeds include Angora, Cashmere Lop, Lionhead, Silver Fox, Jersey Wooly rabbit breeds. Their long fur requires regular combing, brushing, and knot removal, hence they are medium to high maintenance rabbits. The bunny on their own cannot groom themselves fully.

Basic care

A white lionhead rabbit with a full mane.
  • Do not allow a long-haired rabbit's fur to get wet. This includes bunny pee, which can lead to not just matted but yellow stained fur. Check that water containers or droppers are not getting the rabbit wet.
  • Ensure that you brush the entire length of the hair to the skin. It is possible to have fur which appears fine but is matted together near the base.
  • Knots left in their coat only grow bigger over time. Small knots and tangles can be brushed or teased apart; larger mats require scissors or electric trimmers.
  • Trim carefully when removing knots. Bunnies have skin folds and nipples in odd places. Take extra care around legs, ears and neck.

Brushing long-haired rabbits

The following are some videos demonstrating how to carefully brush out long-haired rabbits like lionheads and Angoras:

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Trimming long-haired rabbits

Main article: Grooming#Trimming_fur
Teamwork trimming a fluffy Angora with cheap $30 ceramic blade clippers similar to these.
A small Jersey Wooly after he was fully shaved down to remove matted fur.

See the main article above for specific trimming fur tips and product recommendations.

Articles with more details about choosing a set of tools for grooming Angora rabbit fur:

The following are some videos showing how to carefully trim your long-haired rabbit with scissors or electric trimmers.

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