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Desexing a rabbit is extremely important. Benefits include improved litter box habits, decreased aggressive and territorial behavior, and increased health. See Spaying and Neutering for more details.

Finding a low cost spay/neuter clinic

Many times a simple Google.com search with the words "rabbit spay neuter" and your city name can return a list of area clinics qualified to perform spay and neuters on rabbits. Some clinics include estimated costs and other places you will need to call to get a quote. Typically, low cost clinics can range from $40-$200. Some clinics will offer regular spay and neuter services for $300+.

If you cannot find any specific listings for spay and neuter clinics in your area, your local House Rabbit Society chapter, humane society, or rabbit rescue group should also be able to recommend qualified clinics in the area. Otherwise, go through local vet listings and call to inquire for their prices; hopefully, one of them will have a reasonable price you can afford. See Spaying and Neutering for relevant questions to ask about differences in care.

It is important to find experienced rabbit-savvy veterinarians for the operation. Cheap is not always better if your rabbit does not survive. Rabbit physiology requires different anesthesia and operating procedure compared to cats and dogs. See Spaying and Neutering > Choosing a Clinic for questions to ask.

Services in cost

Often, the cost of the procedure at low cost spay/neuter clinics include only the altering procedure itself and anesthesia. A pre-surgical exam, blood work, and pain medications will usually be an additional cost. The risk of fatal complications at a low-cost spay/neuter clinic may be higher if the rabbit is not properly evaluated beforehand for pre-existing conditions. Additionally, low cost clinics will have less monitoring during the surgery which can also increase the surgery risk.

See Spaying and neutering rabbits#Costs of a spay or neuter for more information.

The following article describes the differences in care that may occur between a private veterinary clinic and a low-cost spay/neuter clinic that will greatly affect the surgery costs and risks of the procedure:

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