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Agency Headquarters Service Airports Notes
Animals To Fly Hoofddorp, Netherlands AMS, BRU, OST, PAR.
  • Member of IPATA.
Geodis Wilson Brussels (Zaventem), Belgium BRU, ANR, LGG
  • Member of IPATA.
G.K. Airfreight Service Frankfurt, Germany FRA, BER, DUR, HAM, STR
  • Locations Serviced: Pickup within EU, other countries upon request.[1]
  • Has a GK Branch Office in Munich.
  • Flies all types of animals including zoo animals.
  • Member of IPATA.
Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals Paris, France CDG, BOD, BRU, LYS, MPL, MRS, PPT, TLS
  • Member of IPATA.
PetAir Frankfurt, Germany FRA, DUS, STR
  • Member of IPATA.
IFA Skyfast Brussels (Zaventem), Belgium BRU, ANR, LGG, LIL
  • Member of IPATA.
VCK Logistics Airfreight, Live Animals Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands AMS, BRU, DUS, FRA
  • Member of IPATA.
Zoo Logistics Hoofddorp, Netherlands AMS, BRU, DUS, LUX
  • Member of IPATA.

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  1. G.K. Airfreight Service, Export services