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For your rabbit

Olive had passed away and her husband Cale watches over her. Image (c) & used with direct permission from hallilad.

When your rabbit loses their bonded companion, they will grieve, too. Rabbits can create very strong bonds with their mate or companion. Many experts suggest that the surviving mate be allowed to see the body to help them understand what has happened. Each rabbit will handle the death differently. Make sure to watch your rabbit closely after, as some may get depressed and stop eating.

The following are some links with more information of how to deal with your bunny's grief.

When one rabbit passes, in a bonded pair, it's very important for the survivor to spend time with the body to grieve.

In this time-lapsed video you can see Cleo react to her loss of Banacek. NOTE: Banacek's body is shown in the video.


What Is a Necropsy?

A necropsy is a surgery performed after death in an effort to determine the cause of death. This may be useful in helping owners whose rabbits died suddenly and unexpectedly to gain a sense of closure.

The following links include more information about the procedure on rabbits.

Further reading

Rabbits remember. Roxy's brother and sister, Rex & Sugi, visit her grave every day. Thanks to TammyD. for use permission. Source.
Some individuals, Online Groups, or Rescues will make a memorial video to remember a rabbit that has passed. Here is an example created by Jack Patiño for the facebook group The Royal Rabbit, used with direct permission. 2015 video.
Jack Patiño's 2016 memorial video for the facebook group The Royal Rabbit, used with direct permission.

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