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"Normal rabbit urine varies in colour from yellow to orange, brown or red depending on nutrition and hydration status and may be influenced by medication." [1]

"The normal color of urine from rabbits is yellow. Sometimes the urine can become red, pink, brown, or orange. This condition, often simply called 'red urine,' can occur in healthy rabbits as well as those who are ill." Causes can be: plant pigments, antibiotics, stress, dehydration, blood, and bilirubin or urobilinogen.[2]

Further reading

Pee color examples by Greendale Veterinary Diagnostics
"This is an example of how fresh blood usually looks in the urine."
While both examples look like blood, only example A has actual blood. Picture used with direct permission from Graycie English Angora.

The following are a few helpful videos on the topic:

Is Your Rabbit's Pee & Poop Normal?
Dr Harvey at Bunnyfest 2014

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