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It is important that you go to a rabbit-knowledgeable veterinarian for any medical issues with your rabbit. While many veterinarians may be very good at treating cats and dogs, they may not be knowledgeable in exotic care as rabbits are not usually among the species covered in veterinary medical school. Rabbit physiology and tolerance to medications is very different than cats and dogs and cannot be treated in the same manner. Incorrect treatment can easily be fatal.

If you cannot find a rabbit-savvy veterinarian within a reasonable distance, find a dog/cat veterinarian that will be willing to consult a specialist over the phone to properly diagnose and treat your rabbit. Otherwise, it may be wise to reconsider pet rabbit ownership if no acceptable nearby resources are available.

Rabbit Veterinarian Listings


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Financial Assistance

In the case that you are unable to obtain enough money due to extenuating circumstances, can provide a proof of income, and are still willing to take your pet to the veterinarian, explain your financial situation to the vets that you contact and see if you can mutually work something out. Often, vets may have some sort of charitable account or will be able to work out a payment plan for you. Otherwise, contact local shelters and rescues to see if they can help subsidize your bill or direct you to a fund that will.

See the links below for more information about organizations that can help with medical costs.

Vet-to-Vet Consultations

In the case that you have no local rabbit-savvy vets available, an amenable local non-rabbit-savvy vet can instead call one of the listed veterinarians below for a consultation to help diagnose your sick rabbit.

Some of these professionals charge a fee for consultations, and others do not. It will be up to your veterinarian to ask in advance.

Do not try to contact these veterinarians yourself. These veterinarians will only speak to another veterinary professional as a professional courtesy.

Further Reading

Below are some experiences showing why it is important to find a rabbit-savvy vet.

  • RabbitRescue & Rehab, Thump, February 2010, Jane O’Wyatt, Robert’s Near-Spay Experience (page 8)

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