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The mayor crying


Extremely soft, full of energy and ambition, Porridge was elected as the mayor of Mini-Rexington and the entire r/rabbits subreddit. His love for trains caused him to make a promise during his campaign which he has yet to fulfill: Everyone will get a train!

Despite this, many are in support of this young man, and are eager to see how he’s going to solve the train-crisis. Others, on the other hand, are doubtful of his leadership skills, hence Porridge isn’t exactly known to be very smart. How will this little Rex change the future? That remains to be seen!



Spoon in her premium bakery, whatever that means


Step aside, Gordon Ramsay, here comes Spoon ready to be the greatest chef in the world! Having opened her first bakery in 2022, Spoon’s fame in the culinary world has been rapidly increasing ever since. Her loving and sweet personality, along with her charming spots, make it impossible for people to say anything bad about her.

Spoon’s specialty are baked goods, although she can’t help but eat most of her creations herself, leaving nothing for the customers. Oh, Spoon!



So majestic, so fuzzy, so dangerous


Cub has always been a very intelligent and vigilant individual, and as such she has risen to the position of town sheriff. Her main goals in life are to protect all lagomorphs and to destroy mankind for the harm we have brought upon this earth.

She is banned from entering over a dozen countries, including the US and France. What got her banned is still somewhat of a mystery, although most people suspect attempted coups (the act of overthrowing one, or in Cub’s case, multiple governments).



This is the official Doctor Hat all doctors must wear. Those without one are not real doctors!!!

Medical Doctor

That’s DOCTOR Bigwig MD. Despite his small size, Bigwig’s personality is one of the biggest in the universe. He often times goes online to give bunnies free health advice. It is best not to ask him where he got his doctorate from, as doing so will make him nip you.

Bigwig is notorious for his “interesting” and “unique” mane styles as well as his chimple (the dimple on his chin). His favorite activities include thinking about himself, chinning everything, including the human servant, and rolling around on the carpet or the bed whenever he feels like it. His binkies are known to be extremely fast, even having broken the sound barrier on numerous occasions.


Professor Alan Furring

Playtime with Alan Furring

Professor of computer science

Dutch rabbit, 5 1/2 years old.

He has grown fat and lazy with his tenured position. He is well-behaved, but only because he is easily bribed with treats. Hobbies include flopping behind his favorite box and demanding attention from his human friends.


Areola / Dr. Rola

Engage Squashy-Snail-Mode!

Head doctor

A one year old corrupt doctor who did not go to medical school to be treated so poorly!- no,, actually, he hasn't gone to medical school. He delights in doing medical malpractice and tax evasion- not for monetary gain, but because it is his passion. He also enjoys eating cardboard, throwing empty wheat grass containers, and threateningly nudging Achille-heels.


Arya The Rabbit

Arya and a tamed cat

Cat Tamer, Kale Connoisseur, Part Time Princess/Freeloader

Don’t let her fool you. She’s only interested if you have fruit (preferably banana) or have a masters degree in bun massages.



The mighty Athena

Chairbun of the Bunshevik party, goddess of victory and also Kale

Part of The Belfast Fluffle with #Romulus and #Macha

Athena is a 2.5 year old Netherland dwarf and undisputed boss of the Belfast Fluffle. She enforcing her reign through honking, humping and dirty looks. She demands affection and is even willing to receive it from humans. She may not be the smartest, but she's smart enough to let her brother go first and then follow him.



Bella in all her glory

Buntorney at Paw

I am a Lion head mini Rex mix , I’m two years old ! I’m more of an introvert however l do try to friends!! It’s scary !

I’m in private practice and graduated com get carrots 🥕 top in class! I practice both here in bunnyville and internationally! Like Mayo Porridge I advocate for the Homeless bun! Hooman gibs my old stuff to them! I do have a list of credits however I specialize in bunstitution and bun bill of rights!! Hooman’s always stepping on them! And much more.


Mr. Bill

Pants bun? Pants bun.

Chief Creative Officer

In charge of rearranging all cords, shoes, and cardboard.

Update: Mr. Bill just got more duties added to his already strenuous job:

CPO: Chief Petting Officer

In charge of petting quality, quantity, and schedule. He takes this new role VERY seriously.



So much fluff...

Middle management

2yo blue Lionhead. He's grumpy on the outside, poses quite majestically, and everyone knows that he has zero leadership skills. The ultimate paper pusher.



Total bad boy, just look at him!

Nightclub Promoter

Mini and French lop mix, 2 years old.

Outgoing, friendly, charms all the ladies but really is a bit of a creepo (stares at humans while they’re doing their thing in the bathroom). Textbook bad boy with a love of chewing the sofa and trying to dig holes in the wood flooring. Human and all her girlfriends can’t help but coo over him, usually resulting in an angry #Potato.



Those are the eyes and ears of a trustworthy bun

Medical docbun at day, buncer at night

Brandy is a 6 year old lionhead, he’s sweet and learned everyone’s routine to demand for bananas at the right time, he loves to run around at 5 am and dislikes people coming into my room after 9 pm, you are also not allowed to work with any paper unless you get his seal of approval (he just chews a hole).



Is THIS what the greatest artist looks like? Scientists say yes

Interior architect with a very thick french accent

She will basically redesign your home with wood, cardboard and natural materials, she have a good taste for chic and modern interiors. But she's a sassy grumpy girl, never question her artistical choices or she will EAT YOU! She's also not good at finishing works, you're home will be just be a huge mess, with hay on the floor.


Bun Bun

So much chunk in one photo

Demolitionist & parkour specialist

This little rapscallion loves to climb everything there is to climb, and she's darn good at it. She'll jump on top of the humans' backs and get carried up to where she wants to go next. She also destroys everything that blocks her way with such tremendous force (which is surprising as she's about 2lbs). When she's angry, she'll let you know by flinging her hay everywhere. She also pees in corners and sleeps in inconvenient places.



The look of a trustworthy little man

Bargaining arrangement negotiator assisting in national affairs (B.A.N.A.N.A. For short)

Bwuni is a Holland lop whose distinct character lets him deal with other species. Hoomans, cats, dog, and the like all have formal conversations with him. Nothing scares him, not even the dreaded vacuum! He always makes sure that bunnos get the best deals when it comes to treaty’s and accords. He’s the bunny for the job because he will never be intimidated by others! Though he still has a soft side (literally and figuratively) making him great with fellow bunnos!



It's the emperor, emperoring!

Emperor of Chaos

Caesar is a sassy bun who loves destruction and chaos. His main goal is to get head pats and treats. He completes his objectives by throwing things across the room, looking cute and chewing on anything that looks tasty. He also loves the dangly cat toys.



Will he piss on your couch next?

Professional couch pisser

He is a lazy bunny most of the day, but he goes batshit crazy in the morning. He is very affectionate, always climbs on top of me and licks me, but still doesn't let me touch him:(. His favorite foods are bananas and mangos.


Carrot Cake


Dr. Princess Ballerina

Carrot grew up in a high society setting as royalty, she excelled at everything she did. As a royal and a student in Medical School she needed a way to express her frustrations and tenseness that stemmed from both aspects of her life, so she took up ballet. The physicality and technical know-how of proper technique helped her forget her troubles while she performed under the bright lights. Though stressful in its own right, it served as a tool to hone her patience and physical abilities. Now before major surgeries she performs a dance to alleviate her stress and focus herself. She never lost a patient on the operating table.



Bunny on the iPad, what will he do?

Professional game developer and tester for “get the treats, avoid the pets"

4 month old chocolate netherland dwarf.


Chocolate Cake

We believe he really will become the first skateboarder on the moon!

Astronaut, Skateboarding Construction Worker

Chocolate was a skateboarder who needed work to help pay for his hobby, he liked working with his hands and dabbled in construction, but quickly rose to a site supervisor with his talent and skills. After late nights at the office, he looked up at the stars and wondered what it would be like to skateboard on the moon. So, he took up the challenge of becoming an astronaut so he could achieve his dream of being the first skateboarder on the moon.



You can do it, little Clover!

A white Netherland dwarf with head tilt. His aspiring work title is Vice President of the Buns with Disabilities. He does not think he is big enough to be president. Right now his job is Getting Better.



Dangerous woman...

Diva by night, Food stealer by day

She will grab whatever you are holding thinking it's food and runs away with it. She used to live outside but now she is an inside bunny. Not because of her safety but the safety of other animals. She has slapped the neighbour's cat and our dog (not provoked she just walked up to them and slapped them). She also nibbles toes, so kids, remember to lock your doors and do not let her in.



Such cute white ears!


Cupcake is a 3.5 year old Netherland lop and she is very cuddly and playfull (my parents call her behavior cat-like). Every Morning and evening she has the option to run around the flat, but she mostly she just lays on my bed or flops in her enclosure.



Please don't judge me, Diva... I mean, your majesty...

Her Majesty, Diva-Do what I want

Talents, skills and abilities: Judging you, stealing treats from her sister, sitting pretty, while plotting.



Such precious eyes

Princess Queen

Eevee is the Princess Queen of New Hopshire. She rules over her subjects with beauty and dignity, when she's not bonking into things because she didn't watch where she was going. Enjoys giving and receiving grooming, her husbun #Spooky, and pooping on pan-feylin's side of the bed.



Remember who to call when you need inspections!

Head of the FBI (funky banana inspector) and of household

Elvira is a young bun who rises to the occasion when it comes to the inspection of bananas and making sure the house is run smoothly and efficiently. She makes sure all bananas in the house are up to her standards by tasting every single one herself to make sure it is of pristine quality!

Her duties of running the household are making sure her hoomans attend to her needs in a timely fashion or she'll pitch a fit. Also making sure all kitties and puppies are we behaved and don't get treats before she does!



Send your food to Espen to be critiqued TODAY!

Prof food critic

Espen takes his job very seriously, he owns his own vegan salad bar called “ Binky Greens “. He takes pride in tasting food for various competitions globally. Though his job is to eat for a living, he’s still starving all the time. Espen is very good at guilt tripping his personal chef, me.



Fable is more beautiful than any of us ever were and will be

Professional MUA (makeup animal)

Fable is a make up bun with a passion for fashion and a signature look. he is cited as being the muse for Julia Fox’s eye look at the Schiaparrelli show, as well as the makeup artist for Avril Lavinge all throughout the 2000s! so…yeah he only really knows how to do one look, but he does it the best in the game. he will make sure your liner and shadow is immaculate at all times.


Frankie D. Bunzar “The Strong Bun”

Is the Wiki selling out by posting ads for Attorneys at Paw? Scientists say yes

Attorney at Paw

Frankie always knew he wanted to be a lawyer ever since he was a kit. He saw the injustices the hoomins did against bunkind like not enough treats. As he got older he also witness the suffering from reckless binky accidents. So he knew his calling was to help and defend buns in the court of paw, I mean law.

Frankie finally made it big time and was able to afford his first billboard ad for his little law firm that he started with his dog sister, P. Anders (aka Panda).



What an artsy bunface


Frederick or Freddy for short is an artist that specializes in painting. Although he spends most of his days laying around and eating rather than working on his art. Most of his paintings are either of bananas or self portraits of himself. Hes a bit quiet but still gets the zoomies but prefers splooting and loafing.



The snoot will squeesh through anything to escape from the popo

The drug cartel

Gideon is currently being tracked down by the bun police force. He roams the streets while selling illegal substances (cords, forbidden food, etc) to random buns. Gid is a hardened criminal and has been in the biz since he was 3 months.


Mr. Gogo

It's his turn on the brain cell!

Lead coder

In charge of the one brain cell shared by all buns.


Guinness (a.k.a. Moupi)

What a beeg boy!!!

CRO (Chief Rabbit Officer)

2.5 y/o Continental Giant. He's the boss and he knows it. He will groom carpet while making eye contact rather than deign lick bare skin (but has no issue with fluffy slippers or bathrobes). He will never ask for cuddles, because he knows his lowly human servant will always give them willingly. Fearless, determined and curious, but still trying to bend the cat to his will.



Hard at work! Not sleeping! This is what working hard looks like!


Hunter is a two and a half year old lionhead lop who loves to to doze in the between the bookshelves of the library when there isn't any work to do. And yeah, maybe some of the hardcovers have lost their dust covers and the paperbacks have a few teeth marks in them but, you can still read them can't you?



Wouldn't you want this cute face deconstructing your carpet too?

The High Priestess of Chaos

While also associated with the Peaky Grinders (Lola & #Mr. Thomas Shelby (Shelby)), her primary job responsibilities involve promoting chaos in all things. She specializes in carpet deconstruction, highly skilled at breaking-and-entering as well as prison breaks, and has extensive experience in general teleportation.



Let her repo everything she wants


2 years mini lop. She’s the one you hire when the hoomans haven’t paid their daily treat toll. What happens when the hoomans don’t pay the treat toll? You get thumped at for the first offense. You get the thumpers and a general look of distaste for the 2nd offense. For the 3rd offense? She says, you DON’T want to know!(she hasn’t gotten that far yet!)


Lyra T. Bunny (T is for the)


Professional Bunstruction Contractor Demon in a bunny suit bent on world domination.

Lyra had a hard start to life, living most of her early years on the streets of Rockville MD. She learned how to survive and barely trust anyone except for nanners.

Since finding her way into an unsuspecting hooman couples’ home, she has used this knowledge to grow a burgeoning bunstruction conglomerate into a force to be reckoned with, effectively beg and receive many treats, shunned the same hoomans for trying to pet the butt, and continue her plans for world domination.

Her diabolical plans would surely come to fruition if she didn’t have floof for brains!



O r b


Part of The Belfast Fluffle with #Athena and #Romulus

Named after an Irish war goddess, but not very warlike, Macha is a rescue floof who is only 6 months old but already a lot bigger than her adopted siblings. She is an idiot who moans and thumps and ridiculous things like stairs and the E string on a violin.She will also eat anything and is so obsessed by food she fall off things a lot trying to reach it. She thinks she is agile, but she's not. Despite being the biggest by far, she's bottom of the heap. She refuses to groom, which made bonding challenging, but loves being groomed. Gets humped a lot.


Marble Cake

He knows ninjutsu?!

Chef Ninja Archaeologist

Marble was a chef who searched the globe for the rarest of recipes. His journeys took him to many places, deep into secret ruins, hidden societies and your classic mom and pop diners. There was danger throughout his adventures and one of the people he came across in his search for recipes was actually an immortal ninja master who then taught Marble the secret art of ninjutsu to help protect himself and avoid danger when possible.



Don't get licked!

Serial licker

He loves to lick, I think it's because he loves the taste of human flesh. Tries to eat meat (like one time he ate my KFC spicy wings when I was out and left a tiny piece of bone). Luckily, his stomach is fine and now I never leave my food unattended. Joking aside, he's a very affectionate little man who twerks when eating his favourite food.



Where's her neck though?

Interior design

1yo blue Netherland Dwarf. She's a little avant-garde in her vision, and believes in a dystopian-mess aesthetic. But she believes strongly in her own talent, and demands respect for being the visionary artist she thinks she is.


Sir Pepper (Peppy/Pep/Dr.Pepper)


CEO of ”Bananas 4 Buns”

ID: ~4 years old, Netherland Dwarf.

Personality: Sassy, Anxious, Shy, Stubborn.

Sir Pepper was a humble Banana farmer living his life in ease and comfort. Unfortunately with all of these Companies selling off Bananas there wasn’t enough for his fellow Bunizens. He decided to work with a group of his fellow Buns and take the position as CEO of Bananas 4 Buns. With his new business underway he wants to make sure that everybun gets his share of fresh and yummy bananas. He is also willing to work with the Mayor in order to complete his goals.



Despite being a French Lop, it seems unlikely that Persephone actually speaks French. What a scam!

Manager of Bunfrastructure

Large and in charge, this sentient plushie has somehow landed a job managing the infrastructure of bunville. With 2 years of flopping experience and her sheer mass, she will ensure smooth, flat surfaces (via flop compaction) and prompt trains (via angy chasing).

In her spare time, she enjoys cuddles, headbutting things, crinkly paper, invading board games by flopping on the board, and stealing biscuits. Persephone is a mama's girl. She loves to cuddle, play chase, binky, and squish herself in to a tiny tunnel. She also loves routine, which involves her regularly grunting at her grandparents for her treats and fusses. Persephone is both Queen of the bunderworld, and Queen of the flop.



Most trustworthy president of all time!

President of the United States

President Pio is the first bun President for the United States and is committed to world bunnination. Her accolades include stealing the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower. Her actions and bungress have passed bills for free lettuce for all!



H...How does a rabbit chase her own tail?!

Food Critic

Lionhead, 2 years and 8 month old. Absolutely ravenous for food and will start chasing her own tail like a derpy-derp when she hears the pellet bag rattling. Will refuse food which do not meet her expectations. Standard rich beautiful mean girl who actually roars like a dinosaur when angry and loves hiding and sleeping under the bed with her man #Bobby, where her human can’t reach them :(


Raven (AKA DJ FuzzFoot)

Ya hear that? She's single!

Disc Jockey

A solid black Mini Rex, Raven spends her nights throwing down beats as DJ FuzzFoot and her days getting into mischief. Her hobbies include beagle chasing, eating all the nanners, binkying and lapping up attention from her adoring public. Her best friends are husband and wife turtle neighbors Koopa Troopa and Princess Peach. She’s very affectionate, a bit flirty and definitely has a sassy streak (especially when hungry). Raven is single and lives in northern Illinois.


Princess Rinoa Haretilly

She definitely owns everything, just look at her

Princess of punk

English spot, 1 1/2 years old. She claims ownership of everything she can reach by chinning. Hearty appetite, but very active. Loves to get in trouble by digging at the carpet. Hobbies include zoomies and bothering #Professor Alan Furring.



Visible confusion...

Criminal mastermind

Destroyer of cardboard, baseboards, and the joysticks on video game controllers. Has escaped from bunny jail at least twice. Possibly the ear thief. May also be #Spoon’s evil sister from America.



Plotting his domination...

Quantum physicist, acrobat and generally being a wee scrotebag

Part of The Belfast Fluffle with #Athena and #Macha

Romulus is Athena's brother but is a lot smaller. However he's very smart and is the only one of the fluffle who has figured out how to cut his own nails (thus reducing the need to be picked up) as well as how to retrieve things that get stuck in corners. He also loves climbing and looking down with judgement. Not a fan of affection, but does like to give the odd lick.



Rose at work!

SAHM to #Clover

A white lion head. Her job is SAHM to Clover. She helps him clean his ears and gives him somewhere to lay against so he doesn’t fall over.


Russell B

Look at them crinklewhiskers

Rabbit reporter for buns news daily

Rabbit reporter for buns news daily, a self owned business that he runs and prints newspapers at. Whenever there’s a story he’s one the case and you better believe he’s gonna be the first one to get the word out. Off of work though he enjoys being home and munching on hay and getting snacks from his hooman. He also really really likes carrots as a preferred dessert.



So fancy!

Bunstruction foreman/holepuncher

The sweetest boy who's never done anything wrong or mischievous in his life. He's definitely not the one responsible for the tiny mouf sized holes in all of his humans clothing. He works hard early each morning and late each night redecorating the living room and working on various renovations to both his house and the rental unit in which his humans currently reside. He's always dressed for success in his high waisted pants and matching socks.


Mr. Thomas Shelby (Shelby)

Shelby in all of his threatening...ness?

Leader of the "Peaky Grinders" gang

The Peaky Grinders (Shelby & #Lola) primarily engage in extortion of local hoomans, threatening them with utter cuteness until they give up the nanners. He is also a noted "comfortadore".




Political activist

Political activist from beyond the grave, who is holding bunliticians like Porij accountable for their campaign promises. Where is my train, Porij?



He uses those eyes to stare into your soul

Sir Spooky, Knight of Terror

Spooky is #Eevee's shy little goth BF, and knight to the Princess Queen's throne. He is the knight of terror because he is terrified of many things. Enjoys smooshing with his wife, eating the corners off of things, and peeing in hay boxes.



Playing with his favourite blanket!

The senator

French bun that lives in Finland. Loves naps, playing outdoors, digging the sofa and tv. Also fan of the Dalek.



This is what a professional explorer looks like


4 month old orange fox netherland dwarf. Finding all the best places to hide and relax. Leaving puff trails to always find his way back.


Thor Odinbun

Thor will melt your heart with his powers

God of Bunder

Thor is just your average, run of the mill bunny god. He has huge feet for his massive thumps, but dishes them only in the worst of times (when he finishes eating dinner and his food bowl is empty, for example). He is mostly obsessed with getting his bun wife’s (#Pio) attention but she’s busy running the country as President!


Ms. Toph Fluffybuns

Stay in line, or else...

Head of Human/Bun Relations

In charge of keeping the humans in line, and catering to all bun needs.



The white snooter will make sure you feel okay


2 years Havana Cross. She sees you’ve been thumped at by the repo-bun and is here to slap you with kisses and to snuggle to make sure you’re ok. She accepts treats as a tip but it’s not expected. But it’s definitely appreciated!