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The following sections provide information about various rabbit-related resources in the country of Colombia.

Rabbit rescues and shelters

See Adoption listings for more resources.

Rabbit veterinarians

See Choosing a rabbit veterinarian for more information on how to find the right rabbit-savvy veterinarian for you.

Name Address City Phone Notes
Veterinario Animales Exotics Bogotá Bogotá 310 318 18 27 Dr. Camilo Hernandez Aguirre sees rabbits.[1]
URRAS Universidad Nacional Bogotá 316 5000 ext. 15395
Clínica Eurovet Carrera 33 #8A-19 (Vía Jardín) Medellín, Antioquia 034 266 1990 Dr. Elkin Rios sees rabbits.[1]

Rabbit emergency clinics and specialists

Please first call to make sure there is a rabbit-savvy vet on call or on duty at the emergency clinic before you leave. See Veterinary emergencies for more resources.

Low cost rabbit spay/neuter clinics

See Low cost spay/neuter clinics for more resources.

Rabbit boarding and bunny sitters

For more resources, please see Going on vacation.

Wildlife rehabilitation facilities

See Wild rabbits for more information about what to do when you find a wild rabbit.

Hay sources

See Hay for more resources on what types of hay to choose.


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