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Dermatitis, also known as skin inflammation, is a general term that describes inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis in rabbits is a painful condition in itself and is commonly associated with other painful conditions that inhibit a rabbit from grooming.[1]:275


Many cases of dermatitis have a bacterial component, whether primary or secondary, so antibiotics are often used for treatment.[1]:276

Rabbits afflicted with dermatitis can often benefit from having the fur around the inflamed area clipped away.[1]:276 The skin is fragile and easily damaged, and bathing alone is not beneficial. Once clipped, the affected skin can be cleaned and dried, and topical treatments such as fusidic acid-containing preparations, barrier ointments (petroleum jelly, zinc oxide cream, F10 Barrier Ointment (UK)), and other skin-healing preparations (Vetericyn) can be applied.[1]:276

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