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As most healthy rabbits can live up to (and even over) 8 to 12 years with good care, any rabbit over 6 years of age is considered a senior rabbit or elderbunny. Giant breeds may reach their golden age a bit sooner with their lower 5-6 year life expectancy.

When are bunnies seniors?

Differences in care

Aging in rabbits can bring on changes in body condition and behavior. It is a good idea to bring your rabbit to a rabbit-savvy veterinarian every 6 months to catch any sicknesses or medical conditions early on for effective treatment. Your veterinarian may also recommend annual blood work, urinalysis, fecal, and radiographs as necessary.

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A few supplies that may be useful with elderly bunnies:

A few more resources on caring for a senior rabbit:

Online support communities

The following are communities that specialize in providing help to elderly and senior rabbits.

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