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The following are a few tips to help your bunny through fireworks during the holidays:[1]

  • Put your bunnies in their pens so they will not be able to run in panic and crash into things or jump from high places.
  • Play some videos, shows, or music so that your bunny can get accustomed to continuous noise, and keep it on during fireworks. A rabbit's hearing is much more acute than ours; they will hear the fireworks but won't be as startled by them.
  • Make sure your rabbits have a hiding box handy in which they feel safe so they can hide away as needed.
  • Try to feed your buns before the fireworks start so that they have a full stomach and feel more relaxed.
  • After fireworks, do a treat test. If they reject it, your rabbit may have a emergency with [GI stasis.](
Infogfx by Oxbow.
Happy 4th infogfx by Plaid Rabbit Designs
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2019 infogfx by Oxbow.
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RWAF 2016 fireworks infogfx.
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