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The following are a few tips by the Georgia HRS chapter to help your bunny through fireworks during the holidays:[1]

  • Put your bunnies in their pens so they will not be able to run in panic and crash into things or jump from high places.
  • Play some videos, shows, or music so that your bunny can get accustomed to continuous noise, and keep it on during fireworks. A rabbit's hearing is much more acute than ours; they will hear the fireworks but won't be as startled by them.
  • Make sure your rabbits have a hiding box handy in which they feel safe so they can hide away as needed.
  • Try to feed your buns before the fireworks start so that they have a full stomach and feel more relaxed.
  • After fireworks, do a treat test. If they reject it, your rabbit may have a emergency with GI stasis.

How can you keep your rabbit calm during fireworks? Tips by East Coast Rabbit Rescue.[2]

  • Rabbits should be INDOORS
  • Provide distractions with some toys and treats. A large cardboard box filled with hay is very helpful for them to hide/play.
  • Soundproof your house by closing all your windows and drawing the curtains.
  • Provide background noise such as music, TV, or radio. It must be played well in advance of the fireworks so your bunny is used to that noise.
  • Stay with your rabbit and pet him for comfort particularly if you notice signs of anxiety.
  • IF possible… talk to your neighbors and explain to them that the fireworks can be very stressful for ALL animals. Birds die, cats/dogs/rabbits panic and wildlife suffers just because we want to be entertained for couple of minutes 😞💔

More tips from the Bunny World Foundation. [3]

  • Keep your buns INDOORS! Domestic bunnies should ALWAYS live indoors with you, but it is especially vital that they remain inside that safe environment on the days before, during, and after July 4th. Please forgo any supervised outings, as the residential setting-off of fireworks is unpredictable, and debris from fireworks can be found in your yards and parks.
  • Microchip your bunnies/cats/dogs and confirm that the microchip is registered with current information and identification. Cats and Dogs - current ID should be worn at all times.
  • Play music at a sensible level to cushion sudden explosive noises. The TV or stereo left on will help distract them from the outside noise.
  • Keep all doors and windows closed. Even if your pets have never panicked before, there is always a first time. It's not worth the risk, as once they are out - tragedy awaits.
  • Provide extra hide-y boxes/tunnels or their favorite form of hiding shelter within their living spaces. This will give them a greater sense of security.
  • Offer your animals new chew toys or healthy treat to keep them occupied and entertained.
  • Keep them cool! JULY 4TH occurs during one of the hottest Summer months, so provide cooling with fans, AC, and frozen water bottles.
  • Just a reminder for those able to stay in on July 4th... Animals are like children, and rely on a human parent for true security.

Help Your Rabbit Cope

Help Your Rabbit to Cope Fireworks series by The Rabbit House (based in the UK).[4]

Lots of people enjoy fireworks, but they can be stressful for many animals including rabbits. If you plan ahead you can make fireworks much less of an issue for your bunny. - The Rabbit House


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