Leporid herpesvirus 4

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Leporid herpesvirus 4 (LHV-4) is a novel alphaherpesvirus identified in domestic rabbits O. cuniculus.

LHV-4 reports

  • 1990's - Commercial rabbits in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, Canada. Thought to be LHV4.
  • 2008 - Mini Rex and crossbred rabbits in a rabbitry in Alaska. LHV4 affected over half of the 55 rabbits on the premises, and 16 rabbits died or were euthanatized because of illness.
  • 2010 - 1.5-year-old intact female New Zealand white pet rabbit in northern Ontario, Canada. Housed outside in a hutch, passed away.


Affected animals presented with conjunctivitis, subcutaneous swellings, lethargy, respiratory distress, and abortion.[1]

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  1. Marina L. Brash, Éva Nagy, Yanlong Pei, Susy Carman, Susan Emery, Alec E. Smith, and Patricia V. Turner. (2010). Acute hemorrhagic and necrotizing pneumonia, splenitis, and dermatitis in a pet rabbit caused by a novel herpesvirus (leporid herpesvirus-4).