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Listeriosis is an infection due to the bacteria species Listeria monocytogenes. It is also commonly known as listeria. L. monocytogenes infections are uncommon in rabbits.[1]:460

Listeria monocytogenes is a highly adaptable environmental bacterium that can exist as both an animal pathogen and a plant saprophyte; it is also part of the normal microbial flora in healthy ruminants and is found in environmental sources such as decaying vegetation. Listeria is zoonotic, and most animal and human cases of listeriosis arise from the ingestion of contaminated food; the disease is common in animals fed on silage.[2]:328


In rabbits, listeria has a preference for pregnant rabbits — this bacteria should be considered in rabbits with a late-term abortion, stillbirths, and death of the doe.[2]:220[1]:460

It can also be the reason for naturally reoccurring uterine infections (metritis and pyometra).[2]:226


Contaminated feed can cause outbreaks in breeding colonies.[1]:460

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