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Rotaviruses are host-specific enveloped RNA viruses that are particularly associated with diarrhea in young animals.[1]:343

Rotavirus has been associated with outbreaks of enteritis with mild diarrhea, usually in rabbits under 6 weeks of age.[1]:343 The disease has been reported in many parts of the world, including Japan, Europe, Canada, and the US.[1]:344


Severity depends on virus strain, intercurrent disease, immune status and all the other factors involved in enteric disease in weanling rabbits.[1]:344


In infected colonies, adult animals are seropositive and confer maternal immunity to their offspring, but the young rabbits become infected when the maternal immunity wears off during weaning.[1]:344

Infected rabbits shed the virus in their feces, which is probably the main route of transmission, but there is evidence for airborne spread.[1]:344


Rabbits with rotavirus should be given supportive care, including fluid therapy and supportive feeding.[1]:344

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