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While owners should learn how to examine their rabbits for obvious signs of health issues, all rabbits should generally see a rabbit-savvy veterinarian at least once a year for a professional hands-on exam.

Restraining your rabbit

Dr. Liles examines a rabbit on the floor.

"Physical examination of rabbits is sometimes better done on the ground. This is especially true for rabbits that are particularly jumpy or those with severe head tilt, like the one in the picture. Here Dr Liles, one of my former interns, was auscultating the heart of one of our patients. In that position rabbits are less inclined to struggle and being close to the ground prevents the risk of life-threatening falls." - Dr. Nicola Di Girolamo"
atDove. (2020). Exam Tips for Handling Rabbits

Here are some links describing how to restrain your rabbit for wellness checks.

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