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As the owner of one or more rabbits, there is no avoiding hay and fur getting all over your home. The following are some tools and tips to help you clean up after your bun.

Cleaning tips

Below are links that describe the regular cleaning that you will have to do with a pet rabbit.

Cleaning stains and disinfecting

There are several safe products available for you to clean up any urine stains that your bunny may have left. The following listed are especially useful as they break down the traces of urine scent that plain soap and water are unable to eliminate. Any hint of such scents can end up with regular re-marking and poor litter habits.

Be careful of using any harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia around your rabbit since rabbits love to lick and chew anything in sight. It could be deadly.

The following are some links with more information on rabbit-safe cleansers.

Brooms and brushes

Rubber works well to attract pet fur from your floor for easy clean up.


Commercial residential vacuums are typically not well-equipped to vacuum up full strands of hay from the floor. The best way to clean the ground is to first use a broom and your hands to pick up the majority of the hay and poop and only then use the vacuum to clean up the rest of the fluff and dust.

If hay gets clogged in the tubing, snake drain clog tools are great for pulling out the hay caught in finicky corners.

The following are a list of vacuums that bunny owners have used with varying levels of success:



Stick Vacuum

Shop Vacuum


A Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum filled with hay and rabbit poop