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Should I get veterinary insurance for my rabbits?

In general, if you are unable to float huge emergency bills for your pet rabbits, it is a good idea to invest in rabbit insurance. Depending on coverage, pet insurance can help you cover most of the costs of accidents, injuries, illnesses, and hospitalization - many of which can easily add up to over US$1000 at a time if your rabbit is very sick. Please note that veterinary insurance works differently than most human insurance - you will need to pay the bill in full to your veterinarian, then submit a claim to the insurance company for reimbursement after the charges are approved.

For a rabbit, the most common reasons to see a veterinarian are for stasis and dental issues. After a deductible (a set amount you need to pay before insurance kicks in) and a co-pay (a percentage of costs you still need to cover after you cover your annual deductible), insurance will cover the rest of the bills. For a typical emergency visit, this can be hundreds of dollars. For rabbits with severe dental disease, this could be hundreds of dollars multiple times a month for each trim and radiograph.

An example incident of rabbit ileus with the resulting bill.

Owners should also enroll in pet insurance prior to having an actual emergency and issues diagnosed. Insurance plans typically have at least a month-long period before it will kick in to cover any bills. Additionally, most pre-existing conditions will not be covered by a new insurance plan - if your rabbit has already been diagnosed with dental issues, your new insurance plan may not cover any future work.

However, please do remember that these pet insurance businesses are in the business to make profit. While most rabbit owners will likely make back their money over the long term, you may end up paying more for pet insurance sometimes. Owners that have a large savings buffer may be better off self-insuring, but the average pet owner will probably benefit from investing in pet insurance while their rabbits are young and without pre-existing conditions.

What companies provide pet insurance for rabbits?

These listings are only provided as a resource and are not an endorsement or referral of any kind. Please do your own research to decide which program is best for you.

North America

United States



As of October 2021, according to The Rabbit Haven, Nationwide offers the following:[1]

  • $250 annual deductible for all plans
  • $10,000 annual limit for all plans
  • Either 70% or 50% reimbursement plan - you can switch annually.
  • Prices vary substantially between states.
  • You may save $24 annually by paying a full year in advance. The remaining balance is returned if the plan is cancelled early.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) was founded in 1980. In 2009 Nationwide Investment Services Corporation acquired VPI. In 2015 the VPI brand was folded into the Nationwide brand.


Covers rabbits in a limited number of states for $15/month.

Bivvy is run by CUMIS (Credit Union Members Insurance Society). CUMIS's parent company is CUNA "Credit Union National Association" Mutual Group. CUNA is the marketing name for CMFG Life Insurance Company, in turn issues insurance for TruStage Financial Group, Inc.

Veterinary Discount Plan

Veterinary discount plans are different than a standard pet insurance plan. Instead of reimbursing you for select amounts per pet, you are signing up for a membership to get discounted medical procedures for any pet from participating clinics. There are no exclusions based on age or pre-existing conditions.

Pet Assure is currently the only company that offers a veterinary discount plan that covers exotics in the United States.


United Kingdom


Health Care Plan

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The following are some experiences with signing up for pet insurance.

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