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Seizures, fits, or convulsions are a manifestation of abnormal brain activity. They are often caused by infectious agents, toxins, or metabolic disorders. Some rabbits may have seizures triggered by stressful events such as excessive handling.

The following are some videos with examples of seizures.

Binky Bunny's Way. (2020). epileptic rabbit, video of different seizures. Binky has epilepsy/vet review of his videos
T Boateng. (2020). Rabbit having seizure
Special Needs Spacebun. (2020). RABBIT SEIZURE - BAD EPISODE - Video 2
Special Needs Spacebun. (2019). Rabbit Seizure - Holland Lop
Sadie Lovington Nibblesworth. (2013). Sadie morning seizure March 5th, 2013
Sadie Lovington Nibblesworth. (2013). Sadie at the vet twitching from a minor seizure or stroke

Please note that full body seizures are different than butt twitches and binkies that may occur in rabbits due to happiness. Please see Understanding your rabbit for example videos.

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