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Here is a list of known rabbit-friendly airlines around the world with relevant information. These airlines may allow rabbits in either the cabin, as checked baggage, or in cargo.

This may not be a complete or up-to-date list. Please also do your own research before booking a flight with your rabbit. See International Import Regulations for Pet Rabbits for additional information on regulations for international travel. Some countries may not allow rabbits to be in the cabin or checked in as baggage. See Rabbit-Friendly Transportation Agencies if you are unable to find an airline that will allow you to transport your rabbit with you.

When flying with your rabbit, please make sure you use an airline-approved carrier. All flights will have a limited number of kennels allowed for in-cabin and checked baggage, so call the airlines to reserve space for your pet as soon as possible.

Airline Cabin? Checked Baggage? Cargo? Notes

Aer Lingus N/A 40 EUR per flight, only on Aer Lingus Regional operated flights.[1][2] Yes, see Aer Lingus cargo for details.
Aerosvit Airlines 30-100 USD each way depending on flight.[3] 30-200 EUR or 270 USD/CAD each way depending on flight.[4]
airBaltic 60 EUR each way.[5] 100 EUR each way.[5] Yes, contact for prices.
  • Locations Serviced: 30 countries in Europe and Southwest Asia including Greece, Italy, Spain, UK, Poland, Sweden, Norway.
  • Maximum of two pets per customer. Rabbits may travel in same container.
  • Max carrier size - 55x40x20 cm; may not exceed 8kg.
  • Relevant Resource: Travelling with pets
Air Europa 25-150 EUR each way.[6] 90-240 EUR each way.[6]
  • Locations Serviced: 16 countries including Europe, Mexico, United States, Venezuela.
  • In cabin requirements:
    • Minimum age - 3 months.
    • Max carrier dimensions - 55x35x25 cm.
    • Total carrier+pet weight - no more than 8kg.
    • Can carry up to 3 pets in one container.
  • Checked baggage requirements:
    • Can check in up to 5 animals.
    • Minimum age - 3 months.
    • Maximum of 2 animals up to 14kg each allowed in one container. Maximum of 3 animals from the same litter, up to 6 months old, in one container.
  • Relevant Resource: Passengers with Pets, The acceptation of carry-on pets
Alaska Airlines 100 USD each way.[7] 100 USD each way.[7] Yes, see PetStreak™ Animal Express for details.
  • Locations Serviced: United States.
  • In cabin max carrier sizes:[7]
    • Hard-sided - 17" L x 11" W x 7.5" H
    • Soft-sided - 17" L x 11" W x 9.5" H
  • Only cats and dogs are allowed to Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Hawaii.
  • Relevant Resource: Traveling with Pets
All Nippon Airways 50-200 USD each way[8]
Copa Airlines 75 USD each way.[9] 125 USD each way until May 1, 2013.[9]
  • Locations Serviced: 29 countries including the Carribean, Central America, South America, Mexico, USA, Canada.
  • In cabin max carrier size - 17" L x 13" W x 10" H
  • For domestic Columbia flights, pets are transported at no additional charge.
  • Relevant Resource: Baggage > Pets accepted
Czech Airlines Yes, contact for prices. Yes, contact for prices. Yes, contact for prices.
  • Locations Serviced: 50 countries including Europe, Middle East, Canada, United States.
  • In cabin max carrier size: 19" L x 13" W x 12" H
  • Relevant Resource: Traveling with Animals
Delta Air Lines N/A Yes, but only for active US military personnel. Yes, but only within the US. Delta Cargo only accepts international pet shipments from known shippers.
  • Locations Serviced: 74 countries including Europe, Canada, United States
  • Delta only accepts rabbits as checked baggage for domestic travel for active U.S Military or Active U.S State Department Foreign Service Personnel (FSP) & their Spouse with active transfer orders.[10]
  • Relevant Resource: Pets
Emirates SkyCargo N/A N/A Yes, contact for prices.
EVA Airways N/A Yes, charged by weight or by piece.[11]
  • Locations Serviced: 30 countries in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia including United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea.
  • Pets are prohibited in flights from China and all flights to and from Australia.
  • Maximum of two rabbits per container. Maximum of three rabbits less than six months old and from same litter in the same container.
  • Relevant Resource: Baggage Information > Travelling with Pets
Finnair 40-75 EUR each way.[12] 75-300 EUR each way.[12] Yes, contact for prices. Information.
  • Locations Serviced: 36 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe including United States, Canada, Japan, India, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK.
  • Total carrier weight including pet may not exceed 17 lb.
  • In cabin max carrier sizes:
    • Hard-sided - 14" L x 12" W x 8" H
    • Soft-sided - 22" L x 18" W x 10" H
  • Relevant Resource: Pets
Frontier Airlines 75 USD each way.[13] N/A
  • Locations Serviced: United States
  • Only one pet per container and carry-on per person. Due to limited space in the cabin, a pet container will count as either a carry-on bag or personal item. Rabbits may only fly in-cabin domestically in the US. Maximum carrier dimensions are 18" L x 14" W x 8" H.[13]
  • Relevant Resource: Family and Pets
Japan Airlines N/A Yes, for domestic flights.[14] Contact JAL Reservations for international flights. Yes, contact for prices.
Jet Airways (India) N/A 5000 INR for domestic flights.[15] 5000 INR for domestic flights.[15]
  • Locations Serviced: India.
  • Maximum 3 animals per guest.[15]
  • Carriage of a rabbit requires a fitness certificate from a veterinarian and a letter from the State Forest or Wildlife department stating that the rabbit species is not endangered and is allowed to be carried on a domestic flight from the origin city to the destination city.[15]
  • Relevant Resource: Travelling with Pets, Domestic Travelling with Pets, International
Nok Airlines 200 Baht/animal each way.[16]
United Airlines 125 USD each way on domestic US flights.[17] For international flights, contact United Reservations. N/A Not anymore, the new standard has been updated by June 18, 2018. Now they only accept dogs and cats.
WestJet 50-59 CAD/USD each way.[18] 75-88.50 CAD/USD each way.[18] Yes, contact WestJet Cargo for details.
  • Locations Serviced: United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Carribean
  • In-cabin kennels must be an airline-approved soft-sided carrier with max dimensions of 16" L x 10" W x 8.5" H. Your kennel is considered to be your carry-on item* in your carry-on baggage allowance. One pet accepted per guest per kennel.[19]
  • Checked baggage kennels must be an airline-approved hard-sided carrier with max dimensions of 40" L x 27" W x 30" H.[19]
  • Pets will be restricted on select flights as checked baggage due to extreme heat May 1 to October 31. See Pets > Heat and entrance restrictions for more details.
  • Relevant Resources: Pets

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